Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I'm With Not Stupid

For my birthday Jen got us tickets to "The Last Summer On Earth" tour with K.T Tunstall, Better Than Ezra, and Barenaked Ladies. Total 90's throwback to college and our days as roommates. We even had ZIMA.

Jen was most excited to see BTE where as I had already seen BNL a number of times and when people ask me "What is the best concert you have seen" I always say Barenaked Ladies. I was curious to see how they would be without Steven Page, also now that I'm not in my twenties.

I won't lie, it wasn't the same. But neither are we.

Jen would catch me watching the crowd as much or more than the stage. Watching people relive those mileposts that songs mark in our lives. I was imagining what the songs meant to them. Did they once play them on their portable CD players that plugged into their tape players in their cars with windows that had handles on them on their way to work/college? Did they lose their virginity to them? A few rows in front of us a former hippie and his son were dancing together. Did this Dad play these songs for his son in the car when he took him for drives to get him to sleep? Who knows, but I love all the possibilities.

Couples were dancing together. Badly. I can safely posit that 85% of the population has no rhythm, thankfully this doesn't stop them from daring to dance in public. A single father had his six year old daughter with him and they both danced and danced the whole time. This still makes me smile.

I smiled so much my face hurt. We giggled. We sang. I took video of Kevin Griffin of BTE singing "Tiny Dancer" but what you can hear is a lot of me singing in the background. We made friends with all the people sitting around us. It never fails, someone thinks they know me from somewhere. They stare at me, get this look on their face "Don't I know you?" I said "Most people think they do." She bolted up straighter "ARE YOU FAMOUS?" Then it's talk, giggles, nostalgia, mileposts.

A person's soundtrack is forever evolving. It is as alive as you make it. Jen and I aren't twenty anymore, even if we giggle like it. We still have the same inside jokes and are making new ones everyday.

We sing, we laugh, we smile. We make mileposts.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Just Me Being Anti-Social

Things To Do When You Aren't On Social Media

1.   Clean bunny cages.
2.   Read an article on Dian Fossey from a two year old magazine.
3.   Delete 1,800 emails.
4.   Unsubscribe to a bunch of emails in the attempt to stop the need to delete again.
5.   Know you will do it again. Again.
6.   Binge watch Killing Eve.
7.   Discover Dietland.
8.   Take the garbage out four times.
9.   Buy skirts at the D.I. 
10. Organize paperwork.
11. Make popcorn for dinner.
12. Update your computer for HOURS!
13. Make a list of all the cleaning you are avoiding.
14. Read another two year old magazine from the stack.
15. Play a CD you haven't played in over 15 years.
16. Eat Chinese food with your parents.
17. Remember why you don't watch movies with your parents.
18. Have a mama bird dive bomb you for coming too close to her nest.
19. Text your friend about tea, books, and bowel movements.
20. Snuggle Bunnies.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Would You Like GIFs With That?

I do well with assignments. Specially if they are given to me from someone else. I feel the need to perform and not let down the other person. I rise to it. Expectations and all that. Strange and exciting thing is, I have given myself one. It is a much easier thing to let yourself down than someone else. The negative self talk, the excuses you load up inside your head. It's old hat. Pro level at this stage of life. Which is why I think I haven't been writing on either of my blogs for such an extended period of time. So, in an attempt to remedy my absence on my blogs and cure what I have come to see as my "Junk Food Expression" on the big four social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, I am taking AT LEAST a two week break.

There will have to be a bit of a cheat in that when I post a blog it rolls over to both Facebook and Twitter. But during my first two weeks I won't be responding to any comments made on those sites, which is how most of you view it. I have been told that logging in to the blog, commenting, following, outside of Facebook and Twitter is a hassle, so I'm content to focus on creating. Which is what I haven't been doing. Mind you, I adore memes. GIFs bring me more joy than they probably rightly should. But I need to start sharing fewer memes and get back to sharing me.

I am writing inside my head, all day long. Then I talk myself out of it. "Eh, that's already been said, but better." "People are tired of hearing about that, stop whining." "That's not big enough." No. No. No. No.

I'm saying yes to myself. Assignment me. It could be a bunch of photos one day. But they will be here, not on Instagram. Maybe a poem. Maybe all the ideas I have squashed down so far they are buried underneath the piles of No.

I will still be using Messenger and Text. I enjoy Feedly for the other blogs I follow. I'm hoping that if I stop the mindless time suck scrolling (which I use as a distraction when I'm in pain, which is often) I'll focus on content that inspires me to not only be a better me, but better to others.

I'm excited and now the challenge is out there.

Good for me.

Friday, October 13, 2017

And BINGO was his Name-O

I've been brooding about this for days. Listening and reading people's reactions to Weinstein. What gets to me is that some people act like these actions are new. You hear the "why didn't she say anything" or "why did she go to the hotel room" bullshit. If you ask that you are part of the problem and you won't admit it. Men act this way regardless of their stature or prominence, doesn't matter the size of the paycheck. They THINK they have the power simply by being male and how historically and socially they have acquired it. The fear of losing a job, fear of being labeled a slut, fear of not being believed and only looking for money, these are drops in the bucket of why sexual harassment doesn't get reported.

I worked as a greeter at R.C Willey's for years, surrounded by married salesmen. Everyday it was something about wanting to punch my clock, taking me into the break room, asking to try out a new bed set. Even the gay returned missionary would ask me out on dates in front of the other salesmen to quell suspicions and stop his own harassment.

My experience isn't that out of the norm. A roommate's boss loved to "rub her shoulders" and on and on I could go because that is our society.

Until it isn't.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Inside Grateful

I started a Grateful Journal this month. There is a swirl of life hastening around me, around my family, and I thought a simple and true way to keep me from getting out of focus was to focus. I focus everyday on the simple wonders that we forget about.

Sewage Treatment Plants
More Bunnys

Everyday I'm writing a list of things for which I'm grateful. The theme changes and some days it's more internal, growth based. What I've found the most interesting is as I live my day I keep finding more things to add to my list for the next day.  My focus continues from the page to the world and every minute I'm living more and more inside the grateful.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Keeping it Classy

For the entire month of August TCM celebrates "Summer Under the Stars." That's where for 24 hours they play movies featuring one celebrated movie star. Over the past month I've binged on Marilyn Monroe and Sidney Poitier (A Patch of Blue is one of my all-time favourites and very cathartic this time round.) Yesterday's star was Glenn Ford. Now, I've got a thing for Glenn Ford. I have for decades. After a couple of movies in to my Glenn Ford Fest The Moms calls.

The Moms - What you doing?
Me - I love Glenn Ford. Gilda's such a great flick.
TM - Oh yeah. He's a classic leading man. So "swahvey and de-boner."
Me - Mmmhmm. Major de-boner.
Both giggle.
Me - But nothing beats Gene Kelly's butt.
TM - You and Gene Kelly's butt.

The Bun

The Bun
If you don't like rabbits, you can suck it, shove it and then go soak your head.