Sunday, March 30, 2014

Poetry in Actions

At Hastings with my Dad getting our customary "being out of the house/running errands latte" and while we wait for our order we go peruse the magazines.  Dad LOVES magazines.  I pick up a literary journal and tell him about how I was once rejected from a very renowned poetry journal when I submitted a series of poems.  Without a beat he responds...

Dad -  "I could write a poem in five minutes and have it accepted by any of them."

Me -  Laughing "Well, alright then.  I'll get you the information."

Dad -  "Did you notice what I did there?  You just have to go through life knowing you are better and smarter than 99.5% of the rest of the population."

When we go up to get our drinks the barista told my Dad not to worry about paying because it took so long (she was alone and working the drive-through too.) 

My Dad gave her a ten dollar tip.

Friday, March 28, 2014

March Wha?

So today started early, and the tone was banana-balls.  My Mom drove me to the ER at 9 this morning, had a CT scan, peed in a cup, let a newbie sick me with needles: The most excellent news is that the crazy awful pain I had in my abdomen that woke me from a sound sleep (of course it was on the couch seeing as my whole closet was having a siesta on my bed) WASN'T from an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, there is no kidney infection but whatever is causing this pain is coming from the kidney.  I am seeing my urologist on Wednesday.

As soon as we left we high-tailed it back to my apartment in hopes to catch a handy-dandy maintenance man to help with my closet.  Lucky for Mike, he pulled into the driveway right after us and he was blessed with the task.  As he walked into the bedroom and saw my whole closet piled high atop the bed he explained "Holy Shnizzle."

Then there was long needed grocery shopping, The Moms taking the reigns as I was loopy on Ativan.  Then the putting away of the groceries. Then we proceeded to organize and edit my closet layout and its contents.  We swept through that puppy in just over an hour.  My Mom is an organizational Rock Star.  One bag of clothes to the DI and one to a family member, I have a much more streamlined dresser drawers and closet.

Now I'm even higher on Ativan, eating potato chips, blogging and watching the NCAA Sweet Sixteen.  My Mom's Basketball Coach Boyfriend Rick Patino is on my t.v. machine.  Fo shnizzle.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Marching to the Madness

I dislocated my right knee in my sleep.  All I did was turn over, I wasn't doing any Ka-Raw-Tay moves in my dreams or anything like that.  Just MY body being MY body.  Trouble is, it either isn't all the way back in joint or there is some other damage.  It keeps sticking in the bent position and then I scream for a bit, then try to maneuver it flat/straight.  Going to see if I can get in for an appointment and an X-Ray tomorrow.

It is my good leg as well as my driving one, so I didn't get over to the house to do my bracket in person.  My Mom filled mine in over the phone so my Dad and Todd can't accuse me of cheating for doing it on the day March Madness starts.  I'll just say that I love watching the 8 vs 9 games, but picking the winners can make or break your whole bracket.  I'm already feeling the excitement for the tournament, and twinges of regret for some of my difficult choices.

On my neighbor Misty and the kitty She-Ra front, there is much drama.  Misty is miserable, the kitty is now outside somewhere.  I have been driving around looking for her after the other neighbor Tanky McDrunkerson let her out because she was too busy being drunk to bother to get litter, then she complained that She-Ra peed on her couch.  I gave her a litter box, food bowls, (Misty gave her a huge bag of food) but she bought beer instead.  I have since bought more kitty food, more litter (in case she comes back they won't have an excuse until I can get She-Ra to Misty's brother's) and have the food and water outside my door hoping she'll come back.  Misty finally returned my call today to say her brother wants the cat, this was after two phone calls were intervened by the boyfriend.  Misty just can't function like a lot of us, I don't hold her to the same expectations.  Not having her cat with her is actually destroying her.  When she showed up here so desperate and not knowing what to do, she asked me to kill her.  Truly. 

I mistakenly have high expectations of people, often.  Which in turn leads to disappointment.  My Mom keeps on telling me I can't save everyone.  Even if I know this, an innocent animal is suffering because no one is being a responsible adult here.  Misty needs care.  She-Ra needs care. 

Sometimes, there aren't enough Oreos.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

One Two Punch

Just now watching boxing with my parents my Dad and I start mocking one of the announcers for saying "He's here for a win."  No, really?  How deep did you reach down for that nugget?  We the viewers wouldn't have figured that it by our teeny selves.  Then I stop and say how these announcers have a lot of air time to fill, we should give them a break.

Me - "I'd start talking about their trunks or their socks. 'Oh, did you see the tree on his sock, that's a tree.' Or I'd start in on the audience.  I'd run out of things to say."

Dad - Starring at me dumbfounded. "You'd run out of things to say?  That would never happen."

Me - "Okay. Pertinent things to say."

Dad - "Never been your strong suite."

Dad for the TKO.

The Bun

The Bun
If you don't like rabbits, you can suck it, shove it and then go soak your head.