Thursday, January 29, 2009

I feel small. Cosmically, yes, I am aware of how tiny a dent, the pinprick on eternity I will be. But here, today, in my own apartment, I feel so small. Who is to measure the size of a life? Friends, family, society? Is the purpose to have purpose? Small enough to be let go, flung. Small enough to miss days, weeks of daylight and have no one wonder where you've gone. How to be big? Big enough to burst open doorways, shine to a squint and keep the revolving molten core out, out never to be doused? How big is enough?

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  1. Ahh. Please don't let just anyone determine what is purposeful for me. Please don't let just anyone decide what is big enough for me. Please don't let just anyone measure the size of my life, but me!! And with that I can be satisfied.

    I think so often of those who question my work with intellectual and developmental disabilities as being sad and depressing. There is no simple way to teach them that the opposite is true. I have been most profoundly inspired and changed by individuals who are non-verbal, or even unable to burst out of the prison of their own body's "disease". Who gets to determine the Worth of their Lives? Why should it be based on a perceived norm?

    Are there not multiple purposes that need served; not the need for a multipurpose fulfillment of a perceived expectation? Too many people do not recognize the same criterion.

    I believe that merely life is enough. Does the height of the tree make it less capable of beauty or function? Deliberate living -enabling individuals to make choices for themselves about their existence...well, that will always be Big and Enough!!

    Thanks for your blog Heidz. I LOVE THEM ALL!%@#!


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