Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I saw a man with one arm riding a bike today. He had a prosthetic from above the left elbow down, clamped securely to the bike handle as he rode through the parking lot where I live. I wondered about his being able to signal, or unclasp his arm if he were to fall. I wondered what happened. Was it an accident? A car accident. Was he drunk? Was the other driver drunk? Or, was it from birth? Did a piece of machinery fall on him? All of this in the few seconds that he passed by. Is he lonely? Is he scared in traffic? Who knows what his story is? Maybe some of this is true. Maybe none of it is. How much do we pay attention to the people passing by us, daily? The humans two doors down, one door? How are they like us? How are they not? Why do they avert their eyes? Shuffle their feet?

The amount of vitamin D deficiency in Humans is greater the farther north you get and even if you spend an hour outdoors each day, it would not be enough to level the field. Humans stay indoors, watching television, on the computer, away from each other. Deficient of vitamin D and social skills alike. I saw a man with one arm riding a bike today, and I wondered. I wondered about me.

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The Bun
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