Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Melody of Memory

When I worked at Pegasus Music and Video, I got a lot of either free music or music at a discount. This made it so I tried out music I might not have on my own, say for instance New Age. We had to play music every day, and instrumentals were safer bets for our entire customer base. Piano, guitar and soundtracks were played regularly but in the 90's (yeah, I know) New Age had quite the up swing. Narada is the major New Age label and they released a collection with songs from many of their artists titled "Narada: A Childhood Remembered" so I snatched it up and it became a very very big favorite of mine. Now, I haven't played this album in years, but the other day I just needed something in the background, something to hear without having to listen to it too closely. Well, today I turned on the stereo again and THAT song played. You know that song. The song that makes you stop. Reminds you of everything you could have ever forgotten. The song with those four notes at the break that make you cry. You remember the breeze as you drove your car on a summer's night and KNEW you were young. This song is called "The Green Room" and I don't know how a human could ever take spring, take the giggle of a child, the hope and innocence of catching fireflies in a bottle and keep it forever in a melody, but he did. And I hear that EVERY time I hear this song. I feel young, I feel infinite. I feel aware.

I get to remember my life backwards, forwards and standing still. Humming to the wonder of any age.

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