Thursday, May 9, 2013

It isn't so charming

Heidi's Charm School Rules

1. Don't be stupid.
(you would presume this would make nothing else needed for the list, but let me continue)
2. Don't spit.
(personally I feel there should be a heavy heavy fine for spitting in public, say a limb, or your life)
3. Don't scream at your kids across the parking lot.
4. Don't park your kitchen chair in front of my door and whittle wood, then leave your mess of shavings for me to clean up.
5. Don't be surprised when you try to park your hide and whittle again I give you the "If you could type this out it would say how F$%king stupid are you and don't come near my door again" look.
6. Don't spit.
7. Don't be a Clumpy Cougher.
8. Don't clang, scream or smoke right in front of my door.
9. Don't think the stairwell is the playground.
10. Don't think I can't train Peanut to sick on command.

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The Bun

The Bun
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