Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Who's Knocking

Knock on my door and it is my neighbor Misty I have talked about often.  I knew she was going in today to get her tubes tied so seeing her back so soon was a bit of a surprise.  She asks if I feel like taking her to the store (beer run.)  She doesn't want to take the pain medications that they gave her, mixed with her meds for her schizophrenia she would just rather stick with her beer.  Misty has it hard, I don't judge her.  She knows this.  I get my shoes and purse and when I am locking my door I see my "other" neighbor's teeny tiny 10 week old miniature Chihuahua on the landing, alone, about to fall under the railing a full floor and die.  I scoop her up, much to her protestations, as she pees everywhere.  I take her to my neighbor where she is collected with a bunch of others talking.  The kicker of all this?  The puppy's name is Misty.

Life choices.  Saving a life.  Amazing what happens when you answer the door.

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The Bun

The Bun
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