Monday, July 28, 2014

Share Bliss

I haven't watched a full news cast since (whisper) "The Cancer." I had been seriously contemplated relocating myself from the entire miserable news structure prior to the whole incident with my girly bits, then the day I was diagnosed that sealed it. I wasn't spending another minute on something that didn't increase my happy.

It is selfish. I know that. Up until then I had always viewed watching the news as a civic payment for being part of the global community. But it cost me. Way, way too much. I would sometimes end up crying by the end of a broadcast, seeing the horrors of the world on that particular day. Feeling so connected to everything then translates into feeling responsible, and when you are limited, helplessness starts to creep.

I'm looking to flip that script. There is good news out there, every day. Happy news. It just doesn't get the headline coverage it deserves. There are never the statistics of how many people didn't die of lung cancer last year at the top of the hour, or how many people made it home alive during rush hour traffic without incident. How many kids had wonderful days today, without being bullied? Just the other day every single person I smiled at, for the entire day, smiled in return. Two young men held the door open for my Mother, one as she entered the bank and one as she left. My handyman gave me two ears of corn, just because. People grew a garden, fathers played with their kids, horses ran in the field, crickets chirped, the stars shone and music rang out.

Politicians say racist and bigoted words in front of cameras, bombs fall, people die of horrific diseases in lonely ways, and children starve. This will more than unfortunately never stop. It will be reported. I'm not choosing the ignorance is bliss side, I'm choosing bliss. Share bliss. We have as much of a responsibility to share the beauty of being alive as the top story as any other.

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