Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Scratch That

Pickle is going through a tremendous awful moult right now and tonight for the first time in his sweet life he had a bad tummy. Couldn't get comfortable, lying in strange places and no interest in food. Food is Pickle's life. So when I brought out the big guns, Bunnycrack and Alfalfa hay, and he still wouldn't move, I got a little scared.

Pickle doesn't just jump on my lap for pets, he will climb me to get to the apple I'm eating but volunteering for pets isn't his style. Tonight, after all his place changes, he suddenly jumped up to my spot on the couch. This was after an hour of refusing my attention and prodding. He wanted me to hold him. I did. I rubbed his belly. He stood it for only so long then he jumped down scratching my chest pretty good in the process.

I got a sweatshirt and wrapped him in it, filled a syringe with water and gave him about a teaspoon. I kept him in the sweatshirt while I rubbed his tummy some more and he was so calm and sweet. When Pickle decided he was done being helped, he jumped down. Within twenty minutes he was cleaning himself and then jumped into cage where he's eaten some but water still isn't as interesting as it should be.

I'm on vigil. So is Peanut. Might be a long night.

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  1. New day tomorrow. Hopefully ... cross your fingers!


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The Bun
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