Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Phoning In

I haven't had on my phone since last Thursday. The only thing I did remotely cyber/social media for the last six days was use Goodreads on my Kindle to declare I finished The Martian. (Hurry up and go read it.) I've been lying low; reading, organizing paperwork, binge watching series (just last night started Firefly and Supernatural too) having shitty body parts, not sleeping, having pain, celebrating not having pain, relishing that I have indoor plumbing, getting excited for physical therapy but having my body take a dump during it and have my therapist declare "You're jacked up today" laughing, crying, cleaning up bunny messes, remembering that I'm not a Syrian refugee, getting giddy for Doctor Who and Comic Con and baking drop biscuits.

Put in that mix eating, drinking, getting new drugs for my bladder, talking on the phone to my Mom, getting a joy filled visit from birfday girl Jen, planning outfits for Comic Con and schnuggling naughty shedding bunnies that make my rocking world go round.

I'm sure I missed stuff. Sure some politician said something stupid. Someone hurt somebody. Pretty sure a reality star revealed something (or some things) and a celebrity is getting divorced.

Pretty sure I don't care. Pretty sure I want all of you to tell me the one thing that you enjoyed the best this past week. The funniest, the goofiest and the loveliest of all the stuff. Because, stuff.

With all of your help, maybe I'll regret being away for so very long.

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The Bun

The Bun
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