Thursday, April 6, 2017

Press 2 to get Alive

"Yesterday was plain awful" (That was for you JD.) So, to lessen the awfulness and distract me from the pain, The Moms came for a visit.  Because she's the sweetest best kindest most lovingest Mom to ever be. True story.

We talked, giggled, laughed at bunnies and binged TV. I'd been hording a bunch of episodes of the British Baking Show in the depths of my DVR just for her to see, because they had Tiramisu and Trifle on them. Her faves. Then she saw her first ever episodes of Psych. I started her with the pilot because Ion TV is doing reruns and I could record from the beginning.

There was no way I could stand to cook so I ordered delivery from Pizza Runner. They have the best Vegan Breadsticks (my Mom loves them) and they have other great vegan options. But the funniest thing was the guy taking my order. I'm asking him about the pesto, if he likes it as much as the marinara when he stops me...

Guy - Oh man, you have like, the prettiest voice. Ever.
Me - Well, thank you. That's nice to hear. Now, I have a question about the turnovers. They're vegan too right?
Guy - Yes. We just make them without the cream cheese.
Me - Fantastic. I'd like a cherry one. That'd be...
Guy - (Interrupting) Your voice is just. So. Pretty. I mean. Wow.
Me - I'm glad you like it.

Dead air.

Guy - I guess you'd like to know the total huh?
Me - That would be perfect.

I made sure to say goodbye extra pretty for him. Nice to know even if my body is wracked with pain, my voice doesn't have to convey it.

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