Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Sunrise

I was getting things ready for my surgery, tidying and cleaning bunny cages, which meant there was garbage to be taken outside. When I went out, there was a tiny bird on the back stairs of my apartment. I have never seen a bird there, so when I came upon him I was at first startled, then so happy. I said "HI!" When I heard myself greeting this bird, I laughed inside because it sounded just the same as when I greet my bunnies every time I come upon them. It could be I come into the room where they are or they come to me, I get so excited to see them I say "Hi sweetboy" or "Who's so cute?" I greeted this wild and tiny bird with such joy and then it flitted away, because it didn't belong. I get so excited for the birdsong to start again every year, I even love when the crows come back and start their early morning caws that cancel out all others. It tells me that Winter is truly over and the Earth is shrugging off that pale dust, looking for the dig to get deeper. Spring and Fall have always been the best times of year, just like sunrise and sunset are the best times of day.

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The Bun

The Bun
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