Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tubeless Tuesday

Well, after having a catheter in my hoo-ha for over two and a half weeks, it was removed on Tuesday. I now feel much closer to the human population, for I no longer carry a bucket of my pee with me everywhere. Nor do I have tubes dangling and jangling. Bladder spasms are due to decrease and I am hoping digestion is bound to get better as well, for my intestines have slowed beyond a snails pace since this Uretal Reimplantation surgery. Peanut wouldn't come near me the first day I was home, I smelled strange and he hated the tubes, bag and bucket. He would actually bite, bonk and try to pick up the bucket and move it out of his way. He knew it wasn't supposed to be there and he made sure I knew that he knew. It was wrong, it smelled wrong and he wanted it gone. He never accepted it. Pickle on the other hand went "oh, a bucket, and it is in my way. guess I'll jump over it." I still have a stent in that goes from my kidney to my bladder and that will come out on the 29th. This last surgery was done with a super duper robot so my recovery has been a lot quicker. I have 5 small scars instead of a wound that goes from one hip to the other hip. I also don't have to go through chemo and radiation while trying to heal. I would like to hope that things might be getting better, but then I don't dare yet. So I'll just wait. So, when better comes along, maybe it will be a surprise. My Aunt Linda said that I was bound for some good luck, having used up all of my bad luck. Does bad luck run out? Or is there a bottomless supply, like stupidity on reality TV?

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