Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cuz He's a Yittle Guy

So, I was up all night with a very very sick and in a LOT of pain bunny. From 8:30 last night until 5:30 this morning I was rubbing Peanut's tummy, or holding him, or crying, or giving him a syringe of water, or rubbing his bloated tummy then having him snuggle his teeny tiny body so close to me he nearly disappeared. He was shaking from the pain.... his only 3 1/2 pound body was one giant heart beat. He was either hiding from me or racing to me with this expectant gesture of "fix it, fix it" which he knew I had been trying to do all evening. He gets soooooo pissed at me for doing what I do, but he knows. Of all of my bunnies, he is the commander, but he knows when I am trying to help, and last night when he was in such distress, he literally RAN to me to make it better. Bunnies instinctively shut down when there is pain, so I just kept bugging him. Rubbing rubbing, to keep the peristalsis going and not let happen to him what happened to The Bun. Peanut is tiny. You don't expect him to be so tiny when you see him because he is so fluffy, but when you actually hold him, he is so small it can be startling. Last night, when he was so sick and trembling, this tiny creature in my arms, who has so much power, gave in to me. I was this black hole of lacking and all I could do was talk to him sweetly, kiss him, and wait.

Have I ever told you that I have the most wonderful Mother in the World?

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The Bun

The Bun
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