Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not Chicken

There are a LOT of things I cannot do; long division, make a human, rebuild a transmission, cure cancer, get an erection. Yet there are things I can do. I can somehow, even in the depths of the darkest deep, see the ridiculous and that will always make me smile. I can rock any one else's baby to sleep. I know the most random trivia about the most random shit possible AND most importantly, I make the best soup. Ever. I don't typically need a recipe (although I do use them on occasion) I just open the cupboard and see what I can make out of what I have. Put it in the pot and go with it. Kind of like my life. Take what I have, see what I can do with it. I usually end up with a lot of gas in the end, go figure.

Tonight, I ventured outside the soup arena and made a casserole... a vegan version of my Mom's Hot Chicken Salad... Hot Not-Chicken Salad. I so rocked it. I get sorta sad sometimes standing in my kitchen with these awesome creations that only I get to enjoy (flip side, I get more in the end) knowing the ewwwwww factor it would induce in most of my family members and some friends. I just looked down at this 75% organic and absolutely non-gmo dish, knowing I did this. It isn't much, and I had to take breaks in between cutting up the creminis, scallions and seitan then mixing it with all the other ingredients, baking it and then all the dishes after ugh ugh ugh. I think it actually took me most of the day to make. Between breaks, cooking and now blogging, it isn't a wonder I don't do a lot of things. But I do have a big casserole of Hot Not-Chicken Salad waiting for me, and cupboards of possibility.

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