Sunday, February 10, 2013

Keys to Creeping

Need signs your creeper neighbor is hitting on you? Have you had a conversation like this?

Me: (Trying to get my door unlocked, the keys sticks whenever it is snowing)
60 Something Male Neighbor that POPS up in the snow, on his bicycle and says:

N: "Hey, you need help with that door?"
Me: "Nah, it just sticks when it is cold."
N: "Anytime, you need help you just come ask. Okay. How you doing tonight?"
Me: "I'm doing pretty good."
N: "Well, you sure do look good. Mmmmmhmmmmm."
Me: (what the hell did he just say? stupid door I hate you door!)
N: "You come down for a visit anytime."
Me: (door finally opens and all I can say is) "See ya later."
N: "Oh, I sure hope so." (then he did a half growl half old sassy black Mammy mmmm-mmmm)

Nice to know I can still bring in the AARP set. On bicycles.

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