Friday, February 15, 2013

The Bliss Button

When I was having my surgeries, chemo and radiation, I did a purposeful news blackout. I didn't want any more stress, any more negative or any more darkness in my life. I only read, thought, watched and talked about fun, happy or things that brought back wonderful memories. The past week or so I re-instituted a news blackout and when I decided to rejoin the 24 hour news cycle, I was flabbergasted at all I had missed and truly not surprised at the rest. I sometimes think the news can just be put on repeat, allowing the horrors and atrocities to sell erection pills so the public can wait for the next disaster between shopping trips. I am even looking at my entertainment with different eyes. The newest programs (which I am debating continuing watching) are all gore, conspiracy and bleakness.

I propose an all happy news network. One that only tells of the husband changing all the poopy diapers that day. Or the child that did his homework without being asked. Videos of kids playing together, without fighting. Laughter. Old women getting their lawns mowed from anonymous neighbors. Smiling at strangers. Strangers smiling back.

I have the saying on my Facebook page "If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention." Well, on my fridge, I also have the cartoon/satire/truth that says "My desire to be well informed is currently at odds with my desire to remain sane." Right now, I choose bliss. And if that means being ignorant of all the ugliness, death, cruelty and sheer blackheartedness that the news chooses to display, I choose the off button.

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