Sunday, September 8, 2013


On my way home from having coffee and chit chat with a friend; with the windows rolled down, the wind in my hair, goofy grin plastered to my face, Sarah Bareilles' "Brave" playing obscenely loud on my car stereo and the simple yet magnificent pinpoint fact of being alive is pulsing through me surged by the three shots of espresso in my latte. I decide to stop at the Asian Market near my house to search for some sweet soy sauce. I meander through the market (as I do on every shopping trip) reading labels and considering options. There is a family of four in the store with me, the two young children are very excited seeing so many unusual items and asking a lot of questions. The older child, a girl ran away from the father and he ran after her scolding her which made me giggle quite a bit. The family had just checked out but right as I placed my basket on the counter the mother and daughter were trying to negotiate the bubble gum machine close to the door.

Mother "Okay, here it comes. All you have to do is turn the handle."
Daughter "Okay." she turns the handle and then there is a pause.
Daughter "Did you SEE THAT? THAT WAS AMAZING?"
Mother "Yes. Yes it was amazing."

It was amazing. Everything is amazing. Everyday. Bubblegum machines. Asian Markets and the sweet lady that helps you find the sweet soy sauce. Friends that meet you for coffee. Friends that love you no matter what, no matter where they are. Friends that are family and family that are friends. Being alive after the two year mark of being diagnosed with cancer. Amazing. We forget to be amazed. I forget to be amazed.

Tonight, I'm having a stir fry for dinner. It will be amazing.

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