Friday, September 13, 2013

One Mom to Rule them All

So, today was a "crazy I can't believe how much this hurts right now you have got to be kidding me where did I put that bat so I can knock myself out" kind of leg day. By late afternoon I still hadn't been able to get out of bed, so what does my Mom do? She comes over to make sure I have something to eat. Not just that, she takes the bok choy and bean sprouts that are in need of use, and stir fries them up to perfection. She takes my other stir fry leftovers and with my limited input, made a giant batch of Spicy Chinese Soup. THEN, she makes her most famous Zucchini Soup, but totally vegan, with Almond milk she bought on her way over.

During cooking stretches, she sat with me on the couch and watched one of her favorite shows "Project Runway." This most awful contestant was on screen and I asked who he was. She said so cute and snotty "Oh, that's Ken. He is such a bitch. We hate him."

My Moms people. She will cut up all the veggies in the kitchen, and she will cut you with her sweet words.

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The Bun
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