Friday, April 25, 2014

Calling Long Distance

I'm at physical therapy late this afternoon and the assistant is a girl I haven't worked with before.  We're talking about how this is her last day; she's going on a long trip first to San Diego then Hawaii with her Mom, followed by Ireland and Spain with a friend and cousin.  While in Ireland she's meeting up with a "friend" and she's really excited.  I ask how she met this friend and she gets shy and giggly. 

PTA  -  "You're gonna think it's sooooooo weird.  We met on Call of Duty."  She scrunches up her nose and eyes just waiting for my judgment.

Me -  "No, that's not so weird.  People have met in much stranger ways."

She rushes to get her phone so she can show me his picture.  She is gushing by now.  Tells me how they talk everyday and that they met another time a year ago.

Me - "All you hafta do now is make sure he knows it isn't a Call of Booty."

In between the spurts of laughter she exclaims "Why am I JUST meeting you NOW?"

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