Sunday, March 30, 2014

Poetry in Actions

At Hastings with my Dad getting our customary "being out of the house/running errands latte" and while we wait for our order we go peruse the magazines.  Dad LOVES magazines.  I pick up a literary journal and tell him about how I was once rejected from a very renowned poetry journal when I submitted a series of poems.  Without a beat he responds...

Dad -  "I could write a poem in five minutes and have it accepted by any of them."

Me -  Laughing "Well, alright then.  I'll get you the information."

Dad -  "Did you notice what I did there?  You just have to go through life knowing you are better and smarter than 99.5% of the rest of the population."

When we go up to get our drinks the barista told my Dad not to worry about paying because it took so long (she was alone and working the drive-through too.) 

My Dad gave her a ten dollar tip.

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