Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Driver's Side

So today started out pretty craptastic.  I'm walking to my car, on my way to pick up my Mom for our trip to Huntsman for my 6 month check-up to make sure all that mean 'ol cancer is still gone, when what do I see but someone had backed into my car and not done a damned thing about it.  I just stood there, starring.  Disbelieving.  Not really disbelieving, because people suck, but stymied nonetheless.

I was stressed to start anyway.  Last time they found "something."  Would there be another thing, and will the thing really be a thing... and so on and so on.  Now I have a stupid frakking hit and run bastard neighbor to fret over.  That said, My Mom deserves many medals.  Many. 

We make it to Huntsman, get in quickly, pants off, on the table exam over, things look good.  We did have to wait an hour for prescriptions that never happened, but we were compensated with piles of snacks.  The drive home was much better, my cheesy 80's Glenn Medeiros full volume altered my mood greatly.  My Mom giggling the whole time as I sang every word.

Back at my parents' house, my Dad helps clean up the bumper and tries to wax out some of the scratches.  But it is scratched down to the primer.  A paint job is necessary and my deductible is $500 since it is a collision.  The amazingly friendly agent from the 800 # even called back to see if it could possibly be vandalism, but it is clearly a car that hit me.  Just vandals driving. 

Here's what's good out of all this: My doctor didn't see any thing to worry about right off and we just have to wait for the test results, no one was in the car and no one was injured, the car is drivable, Glenn Medeiros is available on CD,  My Mom's giggle, snacks, My Dad's amazing stocked garage, friendly insurance agents that laugh when you laugh and console you when you cry after a long long day, and your ex neighbor Misty calling to ask to go lunch on Friday.

I'm driving.

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