Thursday, May 29, 2014

Smiling, it's my Favorite?

I think I need to be chaperoned at the grocery store.  Last time I was hit on while picking out bananas, this time all I wanted was some vanilla almond milk yogurt.  The local Harmons is the only store that sells this brand, so it sells out quickly.  So, as I stand in front of the cleared out spot trying to decide if I'll condescend to pick up the inferior strawberry, a worker man pounces on the weak prey.  In an attempt to get a case of this precious yogurt (his suggestion to prevent missing out on future trips) I now know his life story.

He juiced for two months, lost 18 pounds, his son hates vegetables, his daughter lives with him but his son doesn't, he loves kale and smoothies and there is so much more.  I mostly just stood there nodding.  Smiling. 

I knew I had to give him my number for the case of yogurt and all I could think was this is getting ridiculous.  Then he asked if I knew about these special juices and I told him it was okay, I didn't want to take him away from his work but he insisted.  He walked me to the front of the store and showed me each juice. 

I'm not looking people in the eye anymore.  Or smiling.

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