Sunday, June 1, 2014

Spinster in the Hood

Went over to my cousin's house to play games and hang out today.  Her good and longtime friend Nadine was there with two of her kids as well.  We giggled, talked, ate, got competitive and corralled kids.   Their plan for dinner was a meat based dish so I took a quick trip to get a couple of burritos.  Nadine rode shotgun.

As I made my order (bean burritos, with red sauce, no cheese, add onions and lettuce) Nadine looks at me like I'm from Mars.

Nadine -"So, you don't eat cheese."
Me -"No."
N. - "Or eggs."
Me - "No."
N. - "Not even yogurt?"
Me - "I eat almond milk yogurt."
N. - "They make that?"

We both start to giggle and I tell her how the last guy to hit on me was a guy 20 years younger, undoubtedly a meat eater and at least five inches shorter.  We didn't even get to the health issues.  I'm just left as the Jolly Green Vegan Giant.

Me - "What do I have in common with a guy like that?"
N. - "What do you have in common with any guy?"

Nadine just summed up my spinsterhood in one sentence.

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