Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sun Day

Three years ago today I was having cancerous bits of myself cut out my body.

Today I was thoroughly enjoying a play at the Pioneer Theatre, once again my Mom and I being the loudest ones laughing. Today I celebrated World Vegan Day by filling my cart with vegan yumminess at Trader Joe's. Today I listened to stories from my Mother of her family traditions at Christmas and we smiled and laughed some more. Today I was grumpy, today I was sad, today I was silly, today I was grateful, today I was loud, today I was quiet. Today I was.

I don't get to pass stories of my own quirky traditions on to my own children. What I do get to do is share with my friends that are family and family that are friends.

I also get to see the sun set on the Mountains and think of Grandma Hollister. Today. And all the days.

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The Bun

The Bun
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