Wednesday, November 19, 2014


On the phone talking to my Dad, we start in about The Walking Dead. We go on about our favorite characters and I ask if he was in a Zombie Apocalypse who would he rather be stuck with Darryl or Michonne? He says Michonne duh, cuz if you're stuck in a waste land who would you rather look at every day?

Next I say that if I was in the Zombie Apocalypse I'd never make it because I have no skills to bring to the table other than making pretty decent soup and having a vault of entertainment trivia for use around the fire. But he says I would be of great value, at least once. When the group pushes me down as a distraction for a Zombie herd to eat so everyone else gets away.

He's going to write to the show to suggest my part.

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The Bun
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