Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gold Star

I had resolved to be a nobody. Nothing of major importance. Not a big shot, no big time. No awards, no fanfare, no pink Cadillac, no Cadillac at all for that matter. I'm not going to the moon, I'm not going to Africa, I'm not going to to have my name on the side of a building (even if it is on half of the western world's boobs and butts.) I haven't invented anything. I haven't discovered anything. I didn't build a medical device out of Lego bricks and I'm not diving the Mariana Trench.

When I declared this to my Mother (FYI, while I'm not busy climbing K2, I'm most likely talking to my Mom) she said "Well, if you want to get down to it, we're all big fat nobody's. Just little specks on this little speck." So I countered, "Oh yeah, well you're not nobody to me."

I'm so fine being a big fat nobody, that has so many not nobody's in her life.

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The Bun
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