Wednesday, December 31, 2014

You've Got Voicemail

Apparently some people don't like receiving voicemail. They don't like having to take the time to listen to it, the time to find out what is needed, wanted or expressed, and the main irritant is the notification. That someone had something to say to you, with words, from their mouth, instead of an email, Facebook message, tweet or text, is not first to mind. The sole objective is to get rid of the accursed notification.

I had never looked at them as such an inconvenience. I always loved coming home and seeing someone had called and left a message, letting me know I was thought of. That's the kind of messages I leave. Yes, they might ramble. Okay, not so much might. A sort of exercise in free form messaging. Just my way of telling you how much you mean to me, right in that moment, before I don't get another chance. Because who knows? Long ago, in the 1900's we used to send letters and cards in the mail. That might happen once a year or twice if you have loving and older family that send Birthday cards. Now, people don't even want messages on their phones. Maybe I should just write it all in blogs.


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