Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Room For It

I'm not on the best terms with Facebook as of late. It seems to taunt.  With terms such as "What is your status" and "Life event" weighing over every log in.  I don't really go "fun" places but rarely. Hell, I rarely go places.  Other than the kitchen, then back to the bathroom, the bedroom and the big finale will be the living room.  Reality is most of life is lived out in rooms. Yet, Facebook is the land of Keeping Up Appearances. The Put On Your Best Facebook.

I truly believe the pressure to keep pace with ALL THE JONESES really explains the phenomenon of food porn photos. I'm sooooo guilty. It also won't stop.  From me or anyone.  Where else does a person go everyday?  Shower Selfies?  That's for Snapchat.  Outfit of the Day?  Instagram has that covered.  But it's all superficial and safe. This quest for "What piece of myself can I share that is safe enough to survive derision without exposing the core of who I am?"

What constitutes a "Life Event" anyway?  Finishing a book.  Unpacking that last box.  A sunset that could never be captured on camera and filtered beyond recognition. Dinner by yourself.  Cleaning out your junk drawer.  Being diagnosed.  Losing a pet.  Finishing a project.  Reuniting with a friend.  Paying a debt.  That one clear moment of inner peace.

There is also room enough to share all the pain life brings.  People are afraid and bothered to engage past the headline.  Won't even take the time to click if it means taking them outside their original choice of social media.  I'm so ready for some real sharing and openness.  I'm going to give it a try.  There are many rooms.  Let's sit down and really engage.

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