Monday, February 15, 2016

When We Were Young

Watching the Grammy Awards right now, I'm thrown back in time to when I was about ten and we as a family were watching The American Music Awards and my parents sat there in a daze not knowing any of the musicians or songs. I teased them for being so old and out of touch. "How can you not know this song? It is the BEST!"

As I sit here watching these new batch of musicians, I find all I'm thinking is "Oh, I know that guy. When is this over? Who was that? That was a lot of glitter Taylor, I mean come on. When does Adele sing? What's the median age in the first two rows? If I see one more fur coat I'm going to spit. Don't these girls know they have to walk in their dresses? When does Adele sing? I like Adele's haircut. Lionel Ritchie, now we are talking!"

I'm an out of touch fuddy duddy.

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The Bun
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