Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sometimes It Lasts

Went to see "An Inspector Calls" at Pioneer Theatre and then Del Taco on 4th with Jeanette this afternoon. The play and company were superb. Also, the overhead music at that Del Taco was an awesome High School time warp.

Dropped by for a visit and finally delivered two years worth of Christmas presents at Kalee's. Grease is the word. So is Adele.

Speaking of Adele, I have been keeping her Live In New York special on my DVR. Unwatched. If I didn't watch it then I had something to look forward to. Well, now it is no longer unwatched. It IS still on my DVR.

I'm full. Today was full of activities, friends and now memories. Looking forward and looking back. There are worse things I could do.

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The Bun
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