Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I Have An App For That

I have run out of space for more CDs and DVDs/BluRays and in trying to imagine moving things around on my bookshelves, maybe packing away some books, my Mom made a comparison; not buying anymore appliances for her kitchen due to her limited space.  Solution: don't bring anymore CDs and DVDs into my home.

My mother equated movies and music with kitchen appliances.

Before anyone brings up the cloud and Itunes let me stop you right there. I don't play that. I am a child of the 70's and 80's. I have LPs, 45s, cassettes and CDs. I need to see, smell and touch my music as well as listen to it. Pandora is a great little plaything before I get it for realsies. When I was amongst the land of the working I was an assistant manager at Pegasus Music and Video. Music and Video. I basically worked for trade. Of course I was young, living with my parents, time and money was different. Money does of course keep me from amassing the collection I desire now, but isn't that the same for everyone?

What is really stiffing the growth is lack of space. Is this age? The soundtrack of my life is stacking up, up and up. Would I need a mansion to house every song that pinpointed each landmark? Every note, every quiver.

Music can be seen as frivolous and possibly unnecessary to existence. That thinking would be wrong. It is a life source, much like food.

My Mother didn't realize what she said, but I heard this; Music and Film bring joy to life, joy increases sense of purpose which is a main function of being alive.

Solution: I'll be making more space for the appliance of joy. 

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