Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Word Up

I was just in the shower washing my face when I snucked up some soapy water. Not too fun, but what a great word, snucked. A combo of snort and sucked that more than adequately describes the action of ingesting flowing water unintentionally. As I finished my shower with the taste of rose soap in my mouth, I remembered my first obsession with a word. Zit. I was mystified that a group of people had somehow gotten together and decided that the appropriate name for the red protrusion on your face would be Zit. "Why Zit?" I kept asking my Mom, over and over and over. "Is it because that is what it sounds like when you pop it?" I seriously would lie in bed at night pondering how the word Zit made it into the dictionary. This is of course before the intertube-nets and now we have Urban Dictionary that could tell me all sorts of things I don't even wanna know. The English Language has over a quarter million words excluding extinct words and inflections and we are making new (and not so fancy) words every day. And yet, I have been pondering this recent colloquialism that has sprouted up; butthurt. I have heard through the years "chapped ass" "chaps my hide" and my Mom used to go so far as to say "he mucked his chaps." But this butthurt stuff, I really don't think people know what they are saying. I think some girl overheard someone having a proper conversation and when the thick of it came to "she was all BUT HURT" meaning she was everything besides harmed, not damaged, no scrapes or bruises..... the girlie said to herself "hmmmmm, butthurt? better get some butthurt paste for that." And the web snucked that shit right up.

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