Saturday, October 5, 2013

Great Expectations

I'm at Maverick filling my tank when a Collie that has come loose from his yard is roaming not only the parking lot but crossing the busy intersection, then crossing it again to come back barking at people bewildered at the circumstances. There is rope training behind and he is clearly lost and looking to get home. People honk at him. He turns and goes the other way. I go inside and ask for the phone book so I can call animal control, which is of course closed for the weekend. I have to call dispatch and the very very kind young lady tells me that patrol doesn't come out for lost/wandering animals, only if they are dangerous. She is making the "Awwwww" sound while I tell her the story so she describes the dog as likely to cause an accident, so that would guarantee patrol to be on its way.

Not 2 hours later, after I go shopping for my Halloween costume I go through the drive-thru at In&Out for a veggie sammich and fries. There is a Magpie sitting next to the curb, not moving. The order-taker-guy and I are worried that he is injured but after some gentle encouragement, he flew off. Of course I told him my story of the day and he told me his own. He is from L.A. and a woman near him tried to help a black lab out of the street that was loose and SHE was hit by a car and killed.

I don't know what happened with the collie, he ran north on Washington. Maybe I have bad juju. Maybe there should be animal control on the weekends. Maybe I expect too much, then don't even deliver myself.

Now I am home with my safe, adorable and naughty bunnies. Honeycrisp Apples all around boys.

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The Bun
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