Monday, October 21, 2013

Some Crazy Shit

Peanut had a difficult night.  Let me rephrase.  Peanut had a shitty night.  He literally had bunny diarrhea all over his cute fluffy and formerly white bum.  I was up with him until six this morning, not only washing his bum in the bathroom sink and swaddling him in a towel until he was dry; there was washing smooshed poops from his wood sitting bridges in his cage, scrubbing the bunny diarrhea trail out of the carpet, changing litter and filling the hay all while kissing him over and over to calm him down from the stress of it all.

After we both felt good enough to rest, he was snacking on fresh hay and I passed out on the couch in fresh poop free clothes.  I get a knock on the door and it is my neighbor Misty.  She is bewildered and can't look me in the eye.  She blurts out that she got a phone call telling her she doesn't qualify for SSI anymore.  I am so groggy I just stand there seriously confused.

After some time online, my own call to Social Security and doing my best to calm down a very scared and tearful Misty, I am taking her to her psych appointment and to the Social Security office on Wednesday. 

I keep using the word grateful.  It seems too simple, not enough.  Maybe that is it.  Not enough grateful.

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The Bun
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