Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dreams are Funny Things

Sitting on the couch with the Moms and we decide to watch Turner Classic Movies' night of Burt Lancaster. One flick down, we think "From Here to Eternity" is up next but oh no, a whole other monster starts. "Come Back, Little Sheba" with Shirley Booth has got to be one of THE SADDEST MOVIES EVER EVER EVER! Sitting on the couch, trying my hardest to hold back legitimate guttural sobs I turned into a snotty bawling heap.

So here is my review: If you are looking for some of the best acting, desperate and bare dialogue that makes you pity the human condition this is your film.

Just do it with someone you aren't afraid to show your ugly cry.

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The Bun

The Bun
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