Monday, December 30, 2013


I had my doctor repeat the news of my CT scan twice the first time he called.  Today, I had him repeat himself as well.  He said "I have good news, it isn't cancer."  The imaging on the MRI shows the "mass" to be fluid and not cancer.  He was so excited to wish me a belated Merry Christmas, he blurt that out then went on about my having a Fantastic New Year before I could wrap my head around what just happened.  I'm still amazed.  Shocked.  Stunned.  Even willing to admit there is part of me that doesn't believe it. 

These past ten days in such a tense emotional and physical posture, my relief is so great. 

My Mom and I went to see "Elf: The Musical" on Saturday and I got the joyous pleasure of hearing my Mother giggle.  Today, when I told her the news she said "You should be SINGING, this is such great news and you're SINGING!"

I'm singing.  Can you hear it?  I'm singing.

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The Bun
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