Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Change for a Dollar

I like the Dollar Store. I love drifting down the aisles; smiling at the range of patrons, saying Hey to a gang banger and having him say Hey in return, looking in the smiling crinkly eyes of elderly ladies and hearing kids excited about all the toys they can buy with their own money.

So, it shouldn't be a surprise that when I reach the Cashier with my toilet paper and my Bunny Ears that a fantastic interaction occurred.

Cashier - Struggling with my purchase, moans.
Me - "It's okay. After a certain time of day you shouldn't be required to count."
Cashier - She dives into a detailed story about how her shift ends in 15 minutes, how she needs to be up the canyon 1/2 hour after that. She knows she is going to be late. She just knows it.
Me - "Sometimes, it takes a village. Together, we can DO IT!" I clasp my hands together in a sign of hope and solidarity.
Cashier - Takes my money and gives me too much change. A quarter instead of a nickel.
Me - Laughing. "It's okay. Just keep it."
All the while, the woman behind me watching this is smiling. She reaches into her purse, pulls out a nickel and gives it to me.
Woman - "You never know, the next place you go you might need that one nickel!"
Me - I shake my fist "If only I had that nickel... arghhhh!"
The two of us are laughing.
Cashier laughs nervously but I finish with raising my arms in triumph and announcing "See, it does TAKE A VILLAGE!"

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