Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fashion Show

So, I go to Peery's Egyptian Theater this afternoon to buy tickets for Sundance.  While perusing the big board that displays movies and times, I notice a woman to my right with a big professional looking camera snapping pictures of the whole hoopla.  I step back to get out of the way, but no, she asks if she can take my picture.  I have on no makeup, I basically just washed my hair and let it air dry so it is a long damp frizzy mess, AND my nose is bright red from blowing for three days straight. 

Sure.  Be my guest.  She gets my name, followed me around the lobby and took pictures WHILE I bought my tickets too.  Wherever these pictures show up, the Standard Examiner or Best of Ogden, there I'll be.  Smiling like I won the lottery because I got my tickets, but looking like I don't own a mirror. 

Life may not be a fashion show, but some days it pays to be fashionable.

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The Bun
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