Thursday, January 30, 2014


I have too many projects that need doing. It isn't as if my apartment is is complete disarray, or I'm bordering on hoarder status, but I need to get organized. I got another filing cabinet because the drawer in my desk was too full, so where are the papers from those files that need sorted? Stacked on the edge of my bed. I have a basket of recipes and magazines with recipes that needs organization. I have a closet that needs a good edit and reordering. I have all my wrapping supplies that need to be moved from one storage bin and into another because the supplies have outgrown the container. Bookshelves. Videotapes. Books that need reading, screenplays that need written and all while this is not happening the regular everyday maintenance of a household: scrubbing floors, toilet, bunny cages, dusting, window blinds, light switch covers, mirrors, stove top vent, top of the fridge, shredding, checkbook, pictures, e-mails, digital photos, laundry, unfinished craft projects and shopping list.

If only there was a deadline and I was going to be graded, or I had a little drill sergeant over my shoulder that I could resent. Wait a minute, I just confessed all this to you guys. Damn. Guess I got what I wanted?

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The Bun
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