Friday, March 28, 2014

March Wha?

So today started early, and the tone was banana-balls.  My Mom drove me to the ER at 9 this morning, had a CT scan, peed in a cup, let a newbie sick me with needles: The most excellent news is that the crazy awful pain I had in my abdomen that woke me from a sound sleep (of course it was on the couch seeing as my whole closet was having a siesta on my bed) WASN'T from an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, there is no kidney infection but whatever is causing this pain is coming from the kidney.  I am seeing my urologist on Wednesday.

As soon as we left we high-tailed it back to my apartment in hopes to catch a handy-dandy maintenance man to help with my closet.  Lucky for Mike, he pulled into the driveway right after us and he was blessed with the task.  As he walked into the bedroom and saw my whole closet piled high atop the bed he explained "Holy Shnizzle."

Then there was long needed grocery shopping, The Moms taking the reigns as I was loopy on Ativan.  Then the putting away of the groceries. Then we proceeded to organize and edit my closet layout and its contents.  We swept through that puppy in just over an hour.  My Mom is an organizational Rock Star.  One bag of clothes to the DI and one to a family member, I have a much more streamlined dresser drawers and closet.

Now I'm even higher on Ativan, eating potato chips, blogging and watching the NCAA Sweet Sixteen.  My Mom's Basketball Coach Boyfriend Rick Patino is on my t.v. machine.  Fo shnizzle.

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