Saturday, March 15, 2014

One Two Punch

Just now watching boxing with my parents my Dad and I start mocking one of the announcers for saying "He's here for a win."  No, really?  How deep did you reach down for that nugget?  We the viewers wouldn't have figured that it by our teeny selves.  Then I stop and say how these announcers have a lot of air time to fill, we should give them a break.

Me - "I'd start talking about their trunks or their socks. 'Oh, did you see the tree on his sock, that's a tree.' Or I'd start in on the audience.  I'd run out of things to say."

Dad - Starring at me dumbfounded. "You'd run out of things to say?  That would never happen."

Me - "Okay. Pertinent things to say."

Dad - "Never been your strong suite."

Dad for the TKO.

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The Bun
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