Saturday, April 2, 2016

I Am Batman

I'm cleaning up bunny mess, Pickle mess in particular as he has been exceptionally naughty in the "peeing outside the litter box and making extra extra mess with hay" department of his cage the last few nights. He of course sees none of this as a problem and waits for me to fill his hay and stop mucking about with his perfectly arranged home. I put on pants, then shoes, then take the full garbage out to the dumpster. Our Complex has a little park area and it is full of kids and Moms and other neighbors talking and laughing. I joke around with my closest neighbor about actually being outside with everyone (I stay away from my neighbors mostly) and I wave at the sky saying "Hello Sunshine!"

As I turn to go back to Pickle and his return to mess-making, I bump into two little boys. The youngest almost runs smack into me. He is wearing a Batman shirt and a cap, all the while sucking on a bright green sucker and carrying a giant brown stuffed toy bunny. I say "HEY! Nice Rabbit!" He turns his head up, highly skeptical and points his sucker at me "Who you?" "Oh, I'm Heidi. Who are you guys?" His big brother answers for him but I didn't understand it so I repeated what I thought I heard back to the youngest "Did he say Kevin?" Brother. "No,Heaven. His name is Heaven." In a flash I imagine how many times in this kids life that is going to happen and probably has. "Did you say Kevin, Oh Heaven." Blank stare. Shakes hand. More blank stares. I then say "Nice Batman shirt too. I'll see you later Heaven." Heaven looks down at his shirt like he either forgot he was wearing it or had to do a second take because Batman is that cool. They both scamper over to the playground.

It's official. Heaven is real. He lives in my apartment complex and he loves Candy, Batman and Bunnies.

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The Bun
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