Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Today has to be double blog day because last night I opted to go out to dinner with Siss and then have a Voice marathon instead of write anything. It's all good. No worries. (For those of you pacing the floor over my DVR habits) I'm caught up, ready for the Live shows. Pretty sure Team XTina has it covered. I won't have to worry about having anything spoiled with major spoilers like I did with Star Wars and Adam Driver on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I waited far too long to see Star Wars in the theatre (rush of the holidays, broke after holiday, want of a companion, Sundance and on and on) and knowing that it is out to rent soon I figured I could enjoy it at home. Then, as I carelessly chose to watch this interview, all of a sudden Stephen asks Adam how it feels when little kids come up to him and say "You killed blah blah blah." I'm not a total jerkface so I won't say it here. Not that Colbert is a total jerkface. But, assuming EVERYONE has seen the film wasn't the smartest move ever. Neither was my choice to watch an Adam Driver interview before I saw the film. So, my jerkface percentage to the sum total of the Star Wars Spoiler Equation is pretty high.

Speaking of spoiled I encountered a child having a full on rolling on the ground kicking his feet screaming so hard until he was coughing tantrum. Not quite sure if this a true definition of spoiled, but it happened because his brother got the mail and he didn't. I was on my way to the mailbox and I see him. No, I hear him first. He is on his knees and wailing while another boy is trying to comfort him. The comfort boy comes running to me and says "The mail man came." I answer in the affirmative and see that another young boy (presumably the brother) is getting the mail and just as I see him close the mailbox little wailing boy jumps up and sprints over to the brother with the mail and tries to tackle him. Of course all wailing boy ends up with is another wailing session, this time only closer to the mailbox.

Suppose, I could have given him my mail before he ran off. It was a ShopKo add and the coupon flyer that I use for under the bunnies' cages. It wasn't what he wanted but it was something.

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