Sunday, April 3, 2016


Today's entry will be brief and potentially rife with spelling and typing errors as I am doped. The reason for said doping will be expounded upon later in the new up and coming blog, hot off the interwebs (fanfare and spirit fingers galore tada) For now I am groggy, surly and punchy. The three least liked dwarfs. Still, here's a moment I enjoyed from earlier today.

As I left my apartment and walked down the steps I saw the face of Diana, a young girl that used to live here but moved away I'd say over two years ago. Some of you might know her as the young girl that sold old books to me with her friends. We chatted for a few seconds and then suddenly a young girl comes over, around six years old and squeals right into my face "WHO ARE YOU? YOU HER TEACHER?" Diana and I start to giggle and I say no, introduce myself and then I go back to talking to Diana about her moving back here. Little girl with plastic Cinderella shoes squeals again "HEY! WHO ARE YOU? HOW OLD ARE YOU? YOU HER TEACHER?" I say "Well, in a couple of weeks I am going to be 45." Diana leans back and goes "Daaannnnng." I manage to not spit laugh all over her face and then say "Again, my name is Heidi and I am not her teacher and you demonstrated very clearly how much you don't listen."

As my Mom and I were driving away Diana was playing tag around the cars and she waved to me. She hollered "See you later Heidi." I still have her books on my bookshelf.

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