Friday, April 1, 2016

"Words are the Voice of the Heart" Confucius

This is not an April Fool's post however (that's a fancy but) I do feel foolish. I had a goal this year to blog/blop more and I simply have failed at it. I stop myself. I talk myself out of each post saying it either isn't worth the effort, it is redundant, it is tired and played and I am sick of myself and/or no one, not even me wants to hear it. Simply, I don't trust my voice and I need to get it back. I need to remember that I do this to heal and help myself and possibly a few that choose to read along. I could talk so much about Ehlers-Danlos that I could start another blog solely for that purpose. Suppose I could do the same for Bunnies and animal welfare/vegan causes. Maybe one for fart jokes.

Everyone wants approval. No matter how much they profess otherwise, they want it. Resistance will happen and ultimately the strongest resistance is inside yourself. I get tired of disapproving of myself. Yet it happens. I want and need to share these discoveries about the big and the mundane not just for me (and that is how it all starts) so possibly a reader might get an insight as well.

So for the month of April, my Birthday month, I am giving myself the challenge/gift of using my voice. To blog everyday. No matter how silly or deep or happy or sad, it will be me finding out what I have to say.

Thank you Heidi.

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The Bun
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