Monday, October 29, 2012

High Tide of Gratitude

My bunnies do not like the nail-gun. I got onto the floor and tried to console Pickle, and he let me. Mostly. After a while, Pickle forgot about the noise and decided that he was going to check out what this fella was doing in HIS bathroom, and for most of the day to boot! But no, I ruin it. I don't let him cuz this guy is HUGE (we are talking Todd tall and football player stout) which makes his feet huge and if Pickle goes one way and he goes the wrong way that would mean a flat crunched Pickle. I'll be mean rather than have an injured bunny.

Right towards the end of my worker-man's stay today, Peanut wanted out of the bedroom (where he had been most of the day) so Pickle goes in his cage and worker-man gets his first good glimpse of Peanut. Peanut bounces down the hallway, does a little binky right past the jolly-drywall giant, and when Peanut stops, worker man nearly melts from the cute. He makes what could only be described as an estrogen laced moan, and asks to take a picture of "this creature" to send to his daughter. I can't stop smiling, explaining how he's a Lionhead, and the boss of the world... yada yada yada. I cradle Peanut so he can get a good close up of the Royal face, and he is just beaming as he emails the pic, and the description of my Mythical Mysterious Muppethead.

Construction on my apartment is going to last all week, according to the drywall/plaster/mudding/painter guy. As I type they are also still working on the main water line and I haven't had any water all day. I stored a bucket for use in the toilet and as I bail water INTO the toilet, I think about all the people on the East Coast trying their best to avoid water from Hurricane Sandy. The Weather Channel just alerted that Con-Ed has started turning off the power for parts of Manhattan and here I am using my computer, my television and phone. I just went through not having a fridge for a day or so, but there are now over 3 million people without power.

You can prepare for natural disasters, and they may never happen. Health disasters happen everyday as well. I wake up everyday grateful for my running water, electricity, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, cable and telephone services. I wake up everyday grateful that I woke.

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