Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thawed Out

Okay, day four of Americas Next Top Remodel and the kicker is my Fridge is dying. Again. If any of you listeners out there remember one Christmas Eve, not so long ago, my refrigerator went kaput on me and as I went over to check it I opened the freezer door and out poured bright red berry juice, all over the floor, my feet and down the refrigerator door. It looked like I had murdered someone, stashed the evidence in the freezer and out came proof of my crime all over my kitchen and I had to just stand there, and giggle.

This time; I have my entire apartment torn apart, men traipsing in and out all day long, no shower, holes in the ceiling that won't be repaired for about another two weeks, flooring that was supposed to be done today but couldn't( you know the whole they didn't tell me it was as bad as it is and I don't have the stuff I need here excuse) a toilet that needs to be replaced but can't be replaced until the flooring is done, exposed pipes to be boxed in, painting, spackle, patching and tons of thawing food. I will be getting a new fridge tomorrow (so they say.) The floor guy said he is coming back to do the flooring but he has to bring underflooring because if he just went ahead and did it, the floor would crumble away and turn to dust. I vote nay. The plumbers said they MIGHT be back to do the toilet if their boss lets them, if not the old toilet goes back on the new floor so I don't have to hold it till next week.

On the bunny front, Pickle thinks all of this is a great big new game: Who Moved the Apartment? or PEOPLE! PEOPLE! I GO WITH YOU! Peanut, well he just thinks if I am talking to these invaders it takes away from HIS time. He started chewing on the baby/bunny gate when the plumbers showed up and I was talking to them. I dared to dream I had time to let my boys out and after only five minutes the plumbers showed up. Pickle was in the hallway playing keep-away from the really nice young guy, running around him like it was part of the steeplechase and when the young man passed my bedroom he looked in, did a double-take then stammered "Your other bunny is on your bed." I say to him in a not so hidden "duh" tone "yeah." He walks down the hall, very slowly. Peanut with the knock out punch.

So, if I don't get a new fridge by tomorrow I have a lot of eating to do OR I have a lot of food to take to my Mom's house. I certainly don't have to worry about Todd or my Dad eating it.

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