Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Gotta Mess

So, today is the second day in the quest of The Bathroom Remodel: Survivor Edition. And if we are keeping score, Pickle has proved to be the funniest and most amusing of the bunnies. Day one, after taking everything out of the bathroom, the hallway and off of the hallway walls I moved the bunny boys into my bedroom into their travel carriers with the door closed while three young men ripped out what was my tub and shower surround, cut out the drywall behind the toilet, hung exposed pipe that goes from my water heater/furnace closet over to the shower and cut a square hole above my kitchen sink cupboard where they threaded the pipe to start.

Pickle during all of this has been the most curious, of course REALLY not liking the noise, but his ears have been so telling I have just watched him and laughed. When the drywall guy came today, I kept them out in their cages knowing the mess and noise would be no where near yesterday. (I mopped 6 times last night. Seriously. The drywall guy, said I would only have to mop 5 times after he left today. Just twice. ha) Pickle's ears were so entertaining, so informative. When the drill would start, the ear closest to the bathroom would sproing right up, telling me "hey, Mom, check out that noise will ya?" Then, I would go over and give him praise and pets, tell him how sweet and handsome he is, he would calm down and then the footsteps on the stairs would creep closer and the eyes say "WHAT NOW?" Never freaked out, never panicked, just so curious, so observant and fun. Peanut meanwhile, had the sternest mad on. "Why are these assholes in my house? When are they leaving? When will my worship commence?" I go over, give him his due praise, and when it stops, he jerks out of it, alarmed. "Why would anyone stop petting me? Stupid."

They are out now, Peanut in the bedroom, Pickle in the living room lying up against Peanut's cage. Pickle has already tried to press his way into the bathroom and there is no way he can be in there. With exposed pipes, loose drywall bits behind the toilet (his fave hiding place) and exposed base flooring, the dangers are just too great. I am so diligent when in comes to the floor. I am one of those "take your shoes off when you come to my house" people. If there is anything on the floor, my boys should be able to chew on it. They put it there, or I put it there for them.

The other most amusing thing that happened during demolition was when they brought in my tub, the lead worker guy started singing "I gotta Tub, I gotta Tub, I gotta Tub, hey hey hey hey...." in the same melody as "Little Rascals" and my heart was so full. I might just sing that during my first shower.

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