Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Will Always Have Gum

Best Halloween Kid Interactions

5. I tell one boy to take a couple. He puts his fingers up to his chin, wiggles them like he's Dr. Evil and says "My idea of a couple is three." He then proceeds to take three.

4. After two kids finish taking their candy, one girl and one boy, I do something foolish like say goodbye. The girl was wearing a really cute Butterfly costume with great purple wings, she carried a wand and was super decked out. I say goodbye and in doing so I say "BYE FAIRY PRINCESS BUTTERFLY!" I can't be sure what she said, but she for SURE is no Fairy Princess Butterfly.

3. Doorbell rings, 3 maybe 4 times and when my Mom opens it a purple haired girl comes INTO the house, grabs the candy out of the bowl and immediately shoves it into her mouth still in the wrapper. Her Mom tries to get her to say thanks, but her mouth is full of the wrapped candy. She rang the doorbell three more times before she left the doorway.

2. I tell a large group of boys to take a couple (we see how that worked before) and one quite young boy says "I'll just take them all!" and he tried, until I said "No, see all these other people here?" He only took 5.

1. A boy about 4 years old in a Batman costume saunters up to the bowl, never says Trick or Treat, when he reaches the candy he begins a serious rummage. He looked over every piece of candy and when he didn't find what he wanted he looked up into my Mom's face and said in a voice as if he couldn't believe he had to even ask the question himself "Where's the Gum?" My Mom just said, "Sorry, I don't have any gum." He condescended for a Tootsie Pop.

I NEVER get tired of Halloween. The best costume this year was a two year old that a Mom had dressed up as a pile of leaves, which she was chewing on of course. I love the excitement, I love the shift; the freedom people feel to dress up and be silly. A shame we need excuses to be silly. Every year it is another chance, to smile so hard my face hurts.

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